The Geometry Dash Low Refresh Rate Demon List

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Since the demons on Pointercrate are starting to become unreasonable for 60/75hz/Mobile players to keep up with, here's a list of levels for said players instead! Here's how everything works.

Record Submission Rules

  • As of January 9th, 2021, we have officially adopted the Pointercrate demonlist's guidelines, which you can find here. This means that your record must be acceptable on Pointercrate for it to be acceptable on this list! However, we also have some extra rules, specific to LRR:
  • Low refresh rate means your monitor is running the game at 75fps or below (including mobile)! This means that if you want to submit a record, you need to have played the level on <=75fps. This includes playing at 75fps or below on a 144hz/240hz/etc. monitor.
  • In order to prove that you are using 75fps or below, you need to have an fps counter that is clearly visible in your recording.
  • Despite what it says on the Pointercrate guidelines, generally records without clicks/taps (if android) will not be accepted, even if there is supporting raw footage.
  • Android mobile users are not exempt from any of these rules!
  • iOS users have their own special rules; please read them on the Pointercrate page.(EVERYPLAY HAS AN EXCEPTION, READ BELOW
  • Please do not submit multiple records of the same record (don't submit dupes)!
  • FPS counters REQUIRED, no exceptions except for mobile records (trail required).
  • Raw footage REQUIRED, no exceptions, including mobile records UNLESS there is taps!
  • Following megahack hacks banned, no exceptions: TPS Bypass, Stable Pulse, Trail Bug Fix
  • If using megahack v6 or higher: required to use the megahack fps counter.
  • For IOS records using everyplay, required to exit the recording and go back into Geometry Dash to exit the level. (example in the discord server)

Other List Rules

  • All levels on this list need to be rated demons.
  • This list was made for people who want a more accessible list for lower refresh rates! However, the placements of the levels will based off of 60hz PC opinions MOSTLY.
  • Levels that don't have a 60hz PC victor but do have a mobile victor are eligible for addition; levels that don't have a 60hz PC victor but do have a 61-75hz victor are not. This is because mobile is similar enough in difficulty to 60hz usually, while 75hz can be massively different (especially for ship and wave based levels).
  • If there is not a verification video for a certain level, the first LRR victor's video will be displayed for that level.
  • If (like the case of Down Bass) there is no verification video and there is no LRR victor either then a random victor’s video will be shown instead.
  • Verifiers who verified the levels on 60-75hz/mobile will be counted as victors.
  • Any player who has previously beaten something on a low refresh rate or a mobile device will have their records counted for when they were using that refresh rate.

Reach out to the team!

Once again, the easiest place to reach us is our Discord server. There will always be staff members active at most hours of the day, so you can rest assured that your question or concern will get answered! The community there's pretty chill too, so, why not pop in?

Follow the team!

Almost every member of the team has a YouTube channel. All of them are featured channels on the LRR List's official Youtube channel!

You may also contact our support email at [email protected]. Feel free to ask any questions using that email!

With what?

  • ... me calculate how many points I will have after I beat/progress on something!" Join the Discord server and use hpsk's bot to /calculate!
  • ... I need to ask you something!" Contact me (6666#9328) on discord.
  • ... me beat a level!" Here, I give you my blessings :)
  • ... its not listed here." Email [email protected] for any questions.

This section was something that was completely missing on the old site - a section thanking all of the people that made this project possible, of which there are many.

Let's begin with the people who helped Ty and jaynt make the original list itself:

  • Luqualizer
  • Zest
  • Exyl
  • GDonut
  • synactive
  • th31
  • LuigiDB
  • ThunderBT
  • Kneevan
  • Hilo
  • Shulk-
  • Indigo
  • Stormfly
  • KrmaL
  • Hawkyre

All of the people listed here were/are skilled LRR players at one point or another, and all of them contributed greatly to making the list as accurate as possible. (Of course, that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement in terms of rankings, which we'll get to in a second). A big thank you to them for being significant early contributors!

We would also like to thank Samiversal, for being a former longtime co-owner but who has since left the team, and Sley for building the LRR community server.

Moving into the present: we tried to make the list as accurate as possible, but of course we messed up in places (Esencia used to be above A Bizarre Phantasm, as one example). Like we mentioned before, the list always has room for improvement and greater accuracy somewhere, so now its time to thank those who help us make the list more accurate into the present:

  • ThunderBT
  • Luqualizer
  • Samamba
  • Bread
  • GDonut
  • Exyl
  • Hilo
  • ItoPopcorn
  • Coopersuper

And finally, a very special thank you to jack L, Vink, stadust, NiknotNoob, ssamosa211, Hikudo, and Hpsk who all helped me with the site itself. I especially want to thank jack L, who taught me all the javascript and json-related things that I know now. Also HUGE thanks to hpsk for making the backend of this website & making adding/removing stuff whole lot easier with a new database system. Oh and of course W3Schools, because that website makes learning HTML and CSS much quicker.

Once again, this list would not have been possible without all of the people mentioned above, so we sincerely thank you guys for your support.