LRR Demon List Submission Form

The form used to submit any records for levels on the LRR Demon List. If you're submitting a record for someone else, PLEASE check the site first to make sure it hasn't already been submitted. Also, don't send nonsense, it just wastes our time. Also, if submitting a progress, make sure your record percentage is greater than or equal to the required percentage.

Record submissions to this list also follows Pointercrates guidelines! Make sure to read them here:

Make sure to read the new guidelines on the homepage to see what was changed, these are very important for record submitting!

LRR Exclusive guidelines:
- An fps counter is required for ANY record submission.
- We only accept records that are 75fps or below!
- Raw footage alone without clicks usually will not be accepted.
- Following megahack hacks banned: TPS Bypass, Stable Pulse, Trail Bug Fix
- If using megahack v6 or higher: required to show megahack menu in raw footage, and required to use the megahack fps counter.
- For IOS records using everyplay, required to exit the recording and go back into Geometry Dash to exit the level (example in the discord server).

Add whatever you want us to know about your record here (e.g. explanations for anything that may seem suspicious, LDM proofs, level IDs if you played on a copy, your hopes and dreams, etc.)